Ampika is seeking collaborating partners as it has approximately 500 plants in the AmpikaPhytobase™. 300 have been detailed and cross checked. 150 have been verified taxonomically. In-depth understanding of medicinal use from local, indigenous peoples assists Ampika in identifying how these natural medicines can be applied for the good of all humanity. Potential collaborating partners are encouraged to contact Ampika to discuss the possibility of a partnership.

Ampika has the backing from UK and international scientists. With permission to exploit the local knowledge as well as collaborative contacts in the Peruvian government and research institutions, Ampika is poised for success. Compounds can now be identified and prepared in the upper Amazon alongside modern bio-technology and plant science research skills. Novel discoveries in Phytomedicines, Cardiovascular protection, women's health, oncology, weight management, anti-infectives, diabetes and more could lay ahead. Why not join a winning team and contact Ampika.


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