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Dr Freedman travels to Ampika's Primary Forest Reserve

Dr Francoise Freedman will visit the Peruvian Amazon community, Yakumamay, where she first started working back in the 1970's. Dr Freedman lived and worked with the community for over 25 years helping to identify medicinal plants of the Peruvian Amazon. Together they developed a "Live Pharmacy", a 12,000 hectare primary forest reserve that is only 50 km from the main town of Iquitos. The medicinal properties of the Live Pharmacy plants are supported by their long history of use by Peruvian traditional healers and the wealth of information imparted by these healers directly to Dr Freedman. Ampika can facilitate the supply of high quality plant extracts to meet commercial requirements through its extensive contacts in the academic, industrial and commercial sectors in Peru. .

live pharmacy

Ampika Forest Reserve in the early years in the Peruvian Amazon

Ampika is seeking partners for marketing and distribution of its consumer products, and is looking to form collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discover and develop plant-derived drugs. The AmpikaPhytobaseT contains information on plants with many other activities of potential commercial relevance. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Ampika to discuss their requirements.

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medicinal plant

medicinal plant

medicinal plant