Dr Francoise Barbira Freedman has spent many years working with the indigenous Peruvian peoples studying their medical traditions, and compiling a database of Peruvian plants with medicinal properties. She has been entrusted with this knowledge by the indigenous peoples of the region with the aim of sharing it for the greater benefit of humankind.

Ampika was set up to promote commercial applications based on this knowledge and to return a share of any profits back to Peru to help revitalise and preserve the traditional knowledge and use of plants. As part of its commercialisation activity Ampika recently concluded an agreement with another UK company in licensing to them knowledge collected by Dr. Freedman of a plant used for the treatment of pain. As part of this agreement the company has made a first payment to Ampika as a license fee for the right to use the knowledge in order to use it to develop a natural pain relieving product.

Ampika has returned a share of this first payment to Peru. Dr. Freedman recommended that Ampika make this payment to Waman Wasi educational centre in Lamas and that it be used for the development of a garden for the conservation of plant and traditional knowledge or "hortum". It will be a focus of attraction and learning for the indigenous children in particular and all community members more generally.

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